Colorful Stainless Steel Toaster ST006
  • Dual Independent Control Panels

  • 1.5" Extra-Wide Slots

  • Evenly Toasted Bread & Bagels

  • Features
  • Specification

Extra Wide & Efficient 4 Slots

1.5" Extra wide slots with self-centering guides, perfect for various bread types, frozen waffles, bagels halves. Efficient 4 slice toaster, even let you make both at the same time!

Basic Toasting Features

3 Basic functions with BAGEL/DEFROST/CANCEL(red LED indicators), 6 browning control, solid high lift lever, extremely meet all your daily toast needs

6 Browning settings with 1650W high power satisfy all your tastes. Easy cleaning removable 2 trays, no-mess 36.5" cord storage in base

Dual Independent Control Panels

Less time & money spent, this 4 slots toaster allows you to toast different tastes you love

Removable Crumb Tray & Cord Wrap

2 Trays easily slide out from the bottom allows for easy clean up. 36.5" Long cord with 2 prong, can be easily stored at the base and doesn't take up much space.

Colorful 4-Slice ToasterThe Perfect Match for Your Stylish Kitchen

Take toasting to a new level with the Stainless Steel Colorful 4-Slice Toaster by REDMOND.Not only does this toaster look sleek, but the results are as good as it looks. Featuring generously extra wide slots to toast thick bread, English muffins and bagels four at a time for you and a friend, enjoy your toasting just how you like it now!

Why Colorful 4-Slice Toaster?

Colorful Stainless Steel Housing 
Bagel Defrost Cancel Options 
Dual Control Panels6 Browning Settings 
1.5" Extra Wide Slots 
High Lift Lever 
Removable Crumb Tray

Housing :

Stainless Steel

Slot Size :


Power :

120V / 1650W

Product Dimensions :

11 x 9 x 6.8 inches

item Weight :

4.5 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions

What functions does this product have? What is the difference between each function?

 1. Three functions: Cancel, Bagel, Deforse, 6-gray color. The baking time is: 1st gear: 79", 2nd gear: 119", 3rd gear: 149", 4th gear: 179", 5th gear: 219", 6th gear: 239" 

2. Bagel: Bagels are heated, and the outermost sides are hot. 

3. The Defrost gear is an increase of 30 seconds based on the original baking time of each gear

How much bread can this product bake?

This product can bake two sides of bread at the same time, the maximum bread trough is 1.5 inches.

How long does it take to bake bread?

The power of the product is 1650W, the normal gear baking time: 1st gear: 79", 2nd gear: 119", 3rd gear: 149", 4th gear: 179", 5th gear: 219", 6th gear: 239" each For the color effect of the stall, please refer to the color card attached to the product 

If the bread is taken out from the refrigerator, it is recommended to use the Defrost gear.