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A large number of foods items such as icing, salad dressings, whipping cream, etc can be prepared with hand mixers. Because of this reason, hand mixers have become quite popular these days. Many people also use it for whipping boiled potatoes. While shopping for hand mixers, one will generally come across two types of mixers. These are:

Hand Blenders Hand blenders are one of the types of kitchen hand mixer which are known for their versatility. One would be able to easily blend foods and make smooth looking gravy with the help of a hand blender. The hand blenders are also quite easy to clean and do not require much space.

Electric Hand Mixers

Also known as electric handheld mixers, these types of mixers are quite small and do not take much space in the kitchen. These models can come with a large range of designs. Among these, the mixers which have an in-built storage compartment for the cord and the beaters are most popular. It also comes with different speed settings which will help the users to mix the foods properly. The electric hand mixers are also very much affordable. This is another reason why many people consider it as one of the best kitchen hand mixers.



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