Best Smart Digital Bathroom Scales to Track Your Health Stats

Best Smart Digital Bathroom Scales to Track Your Health Stats

For a health-conscious person having a distinct goal of losing weight or keeping the vital status maintained, a weight machine is something that is indispensable. With the various forfeit and cheap quality weight measuring machines, people often get confused about the accurate weight and it is really complicated when you are on a weight loss regime or trying to maintain a particular weight for a certain time. A sturdy build-up makes sure that your machine does not break no matter what your weight is while the LED monitor is created to show the exact weight of your body. Redmond brings you the best bathroom scales which offer durability, precision, and ease of functionality.

BS004 Body Weight Bathroom Scale

The BS004 body weight bathroom scale is a square-shaped machine with length and width each measuring 30mm. For your safety in using it, it has a sturdy design of tempered glass with 6mm thickness and it is topped with matte glass platform measuring 12”x12” that stops you from slipping. The four rubber feet on the base are sturdy enough to hold the weight of 13lb or 6kg to 410lb or 180kg i.e. people from all weight segments can use it effortlessly without the worry of slipping over or tampering the machine. Digital scale safety comes with the features of fast scaling, high accuracy and reliable to read the weight. There are four highly precise sensors that can make accuracy division off even the most sensitive changes in weight i.e. 0.1kg or 0.2lb in your body.

As the most accurate weight scale, the scale has features like auto zero, auto off, auto-calibration, the indication of overload and low battery. The LCD panel is backlit and has dimensions of 2.9”x1.5” where notifications and weight is shown in large fonts for ease of understanding without leaning over. Even in dark surroundings, the illuminated display can be read easily from any angle or distance –the digital readout time is a maximum of 8 seconds within which you can clearly register the weight in your head. Last, but not the least, there are three measure units namely Stone (St), Kg (Kilogram) and Lb (Pound) which can be switched on by pressing a button on the rear side.

BS003 Digital Body Weight Scale

The BS003 Digital Bathroom Scale is undoubtedly the best body weight scale with 0.2lb/0.1kg Gradation Increments and 4 highly accurate and fast Precision sensors which makes sure you get your weight within one second. Just like the BS004 model, this machine comes with 2.9”x1.5” large LCD display that is backlit and offers digital readout in clear white tone that is easily readable. No matter what the light condition is, you can read the weight for 8 seconds which is enough to memorize the number. With two AAA batteries, the product from Redmond runs for a long time and you can check the weight in three units –Pound (lb), Kilogram (kg) and Stone (st). The maximum limit of weight is 180kg or 400lb, exceeding which the readings will be inaccurate and the machine might malfunction.

This body weight bathroom scale has 12” length, 12” width and 0.8” height. Coming with a highly detailed unique 3D effect for tempered glass top, the machine has sleek middle and two sides in a matte finish. For your safety, there is the non-slip platform to prevent from wet feet slippage, four rubber feet to make the scale sit solidly and 6mm tempered glass that is shatter resistant. You can switch between kg and lb by switching on the button below. Finally, the automatic step on, step off, auto on, auto off, auto-calibration, auto-zero, the indication of overload and low battery are the icing on the cake for better functionality.

The body weight fluctuates naturally throughout the day and weight difference is also caused by the movement of a device or installation of batteries. Make sure you place the scale on even and hard surfaces and manually calibrate it by stepping on and off before measurement.

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